H&M Painting Company - Boston


Dear Sandra,

Thanks again for the wonderful painting job. We're very happy with the results, and will be happy to recommend you to others.

Best Wishes,
Tina Shultz

Sandy and I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the period of time from December 18, 1997 through February 28, 1998. During this time, you assisted us in taking 8-10 Willow Street in Newton Centre from very rough shape to two attractive rental units.

To all of you and your employees, we thank you for your hard work, the skill and craftsmanship that you brought to the table, your creative ideas when we didn't know what to do, your cooperation with the other contractors, your flexibility in timing, and ultimately, your pride in workmanship

As many of you may know, both units were successfully rented rather quickly. That is the ultimate testament to a job well done. You have our sincere thanks.

David S. Noymer

To Whom it May Concern:

I am pleased to provide a refernce for H&M Painting Company.

Sandra, Paulo, and Marcio, the three painters who worked on my in-home office and bathroom did an excellent job of preparation -- including scraping, plastering, and sanding -- and painting two complete coats over all surfaces. they were extremely thorough and careful in their workmanship, as well as in their cleanup.

Moreover, they were unusually courteous and pleasant to deal with, arriving on time, working diligently and nonintrusively, and responding to our every suggestion with grace and professionality. Their estimate of the job was very reasonable, and they completed the work as promised.

I recommend H&M Painting enthusiastically, and will likely call on them myself for house painting in the future.

Michael P. Furstenberg, Ed. D.

Ladies and Genlemen,

To congratulate you and your crew for the following reasons:

1.) Everyone at the job conducted themselves in a courteous and professional manner with both Laura and myself.
2.) Than plants, driveway, grounds and front walkway are completely free of paint drips.
3.) House color: When we tried to change the sahde of the house, you handled the problem very well by
  a.) buying only 2 gallosn as a test and by
  b.) calling me at work when you thought the shade was not what we wanted.
4.) For removing the accessories from the house, such as downspouts and shutters, instead of paiting them in place. The finished product shows the additonal effort.
5.) The utility shed. The shed looks every bit as good as the house. Thank you for painting the ridge vent on the shed., and the wo sides that were surronded by trees and vines.
6.) Utility wires. All wires and insulators are clean. No splattered paint. Air conditioners compressors and coolant hoses are also free of paint drips.
7.) Foundation. No paint drips from the body of the house.

Please feel free to use this note as a recommendation for future business, and use my name as a reference. I was impressed with your team both as painters and as people.

Kenneth M. Rosenstein

Dear Sandra & Paulo,

We have used your company to paint our single-family house; our 2-family house and we have recommended you to many of our clients in the real estate business. We know that when you do a job, as we have witnessed the work that you did on both of our houses, that is will be completed in a timely manner, with outstanding quality and service.

We can only praise the work that you did to our 2-family house, in the condition that it was in, we didn't believe that you would be able to turn both units around in 2 weeks to make them rentable and livable. Not only was the paint job superb, but also the carpentry, quality and clean up was excellent. We know that when we recommend you to our clients that they will have absolutely no worries about the job that you will do for them. Thanks again for a job well done

Tim & Carole Roche